Featured Oracle EBS Projects

Featured Oracle EBS Projects

R12.2.4 Implemented for an Integrated Circuits Manufacturer

Utilizing our Concise Implementation Methodology, we helped this client find value in implementing R12. The implementation costs were half that of our competitors, while bringing this project in on time. This included Financials, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing modules.  We also built interfaces to the existing Business Intelligence system.

PayPal Interface from website for ordering and paying for Wholesale and Retail Distributor products

Monument designed and built this project.  It required interfaces between Paypal, their web site, and Oracle EBS.  There needs to be extensive error checking and matching to ensure all records are processed properly.  Once this was implemented, it changed the way the client was fulfilling orders reducing the time from order to shipment because of the electronic interfaces.

Changed Fiscal Year End for a Consumer Products client

This client was purchased by a public company and needed to change their Year End from a February 28th Year End to an April Year End.  It also included changing from 5-4-4 to a monthly period.  This required the Monument Calendar Change Product to by used for 2 tests and then production.  All future transactions needed to be removed from the system during the changes.  This included future accruals, budgets, and invoices.  Once updated, these transactions were then added back to the system.

Changed the Chart of Accounts for a Non-Profit client

This client had implemented Oracle EBS and recognized that their Chart of Accounts did not reflect their business. They requested to have Monument change their chart, but retain all history. Monument performed this by using the Monument Chart program. The client created a new chart and then mapped the old chart to the new chart.


Monument loaded this mapping into our program and it updated Oracle EBS to the new Chart. This required 2 tests prior to production. We rewrote all FSG’s to reflect the new chart and processes.

Implemented Positive Pay and EFT on Release 12 for a Biotech client

Client wanted all Checks to be protected by Oracle’s Positive Pay Functionality.  Monument implemented this functionality so that when the file is created, it is automatically securely transferred to their bank.  For EFT transactions, we setup new document types to allow Suppliers to be paid electronically.  The process was automated so that the file was sent to the bank after processing.

Implemented Fixed Assets Federal & State Books for a Services client

Monument was tasked with this assignment.  This client operates in most US states and this required setting up both Federal and State Tax books.  The main challenge was that there are over 90,000 assets with some requiring special depreciation rules attached for both Federal and State requirements.  We also customized reports for needed reporting that was not attainable by standard reports.

Provided Managed Services for Oracle Applications for a Non-Profit Client

Monument provides DBA and System Administrative Support to this client on their R12 instance.  Using our propriety software, we have 24 X 7 monitoring service.  Our software also alerts us to issues with the system before they become problems.  This includes clones, refreshes, tape restore checks, Disaster Recovery, and regular Oracle EBS DBA Activities.

Implemented new Acquisition within Oracle EBS for Genomics client

Client requested that these 2 organizations be integrated into the current Oracle EBS footprint. Added new Operating Unit and Legal Entities for US Acquisition. Added new Ledger for International Division. This included new Financial Statements, new Accounts in GL, new Bank Accounts with new currencies, and new Responsibilities for these new entities. Monument created Training Manuals, Test Plans, and updated Setup Manuals; as well as providing support after Go Live.

Integrate a newly acquired organization into the current system for a Health Care insurance provider

Monument was tasked with designing security across both companies, creating training manuals for end users in the acquisition, and implementing Fixed Asset for both companies.  The Fixed Assets project required extracting data from 2 systems, tying the data to the financial statements, and then implementing the system including adding Federal and State Tax Reporting.

Created inter & intra-company infrastructure for Non-Profit running R12

With R12, the intercompany and intracompany setup is complex. Each type of transaction needs to have the correct due to and due from accounts added when the journal entry is posted. This client wanted the ability to have many to many journal entries with all the due to and due from accounts created for all entities. Each of the intracompanies uses a Balance Sheet, so all must be balanced as if they were intercompanies, even though they are all in one legal entity.

Implemented Purchasing and iProcurement for Health Care Provider

This client has multiple locations and wanted to centrally manage purchasing, but have each location buy needed products.  Monument worked with the client to implement Purchasing and iProcurement (iProc) and replace an existing electronic solution which was very expensive.  Monument build the initial interfaces between suppliers and EBS.  The client uses punchouts to Supplier Web Sites for most purchases.  Monument wrote interfaces to and from suppliers for purchases and payments.  This is saving the company millions each year.

Created custom reports to manage fund raising for Non-Profit client

Monument worked with the client to come up with a strategy for analyzing their collected data and distributing it to over 100 offices.  This tracked the initial fund raising, collections, and costs of fund raising.  The report package helps Office Directors to manage each office by providing data to understand how their efforts resulted in donations.

Implemented Fixed Assets for Software client

Our client decided after an acquisition that they would add the Fixed Assets module to their current Oracle E-Business Suite footprint.  Monument came up with a strategy to implement both the US and Canada for the acquisition and the client system at the same time.  Monument managed the reconciliation of the data from both organizations, designed the set up of the system, and implemented the Financial Books.  We changed the current business process flow to incorporate Oracle’s flow from Accounts Payable to Fixed Assets to General Ledger.

Customized reports to streamline manufacturing & sales flows for High Tech manufacturer

This client was having difficulty in managing the MRP process, so a decision to create custom reports was made to help analyze manufacturing and distribution bottlenecks.  Also, we created several data extracts which were then published on a daily basis to an internationally available intranet web page. These pages supported the sales efforts of all distributors allowing them to see the ATP (Availability to Promise) in a timely manner.  In this way, they were able to tell customers when products could be available to them.

Implemented Amex Credit Card Processing for R12 for BioTech client

Client wanted all American Express charges through the Employee Credit Cards to be uploaded to Oracle Internet Expenses.  This makes the creation of Expense Reports easier since all the charged Line Items are available for choosing by the Expense Report creator.  When completed, this process employed the standard iExpense AMEX automated method.

Created a Requisition Process & Implemented Blanket PO’s for a High Tech Manufacturer

This client needed the ability to send Requisitions to multiple suppliers to get better pricing through competition. Currently, it is done in an informal process with no historical data stored which prevents the ability to review this requisition data for guiding future purchases.


By using Oracle’s Requisition Process, all information sent and received from Suppliers is stored for future use. This resolved the long standing problem when emergency purchasing requirements were manually done and the company paid more on average than parts ordered than during regular purchasing cycles. They had been using regular PO’s and kept them open for years instead of using Blanket PO’s. This caused many issues as regular PO’s do not have releases in the same manner as Blankets, as well as the financial issues in having a PO open and accruing for the open amounts.

Implemented Trading Community Architecture (TCA) for Services client

This project changed the method the client was using to manage their customers. By moving to a TCA model, it allowed the client to associate their customers that were related. This helped with the management of invoices as customers can be invoiced for multiple lines of business that are kept separate by most companies. This took technical exporting and importing of data to create the model as well as reconnecting the historical information to the correct new customers.

Restructured Organizational Structure & Chart of Accounts for Health Care Provider

This project entailed taking over 90 operating units and moving to 4 Operating Units. Monument helped by extracting and uploading over 40,000 Supplier Sites into the 4 new Operating Units. All history was preserved by this process.


We worked with the Finance Team to change the Chart of Accounts to better manage the company since it was designed for a much smaller and simpler entity. They went from 2 Sets of Books to 4, thereby mirroring the 4 Operating Units. Also, the Sets of Books all use the same chart of accounts flexfield structure which minimizes upkeep.

Implemented EFT’s for both CCD & PPD transaction types for R12 client

This client required 2 types of EFT’s for both formats. We created them in 2 different bank accounts with the transaction definitions done in BI Publisher with an eText output. This format is easily called by Oracle Payments and then the output file is FTPed securely to the bank system for uploading. High Tech Manufacturing Client Monument provides Post-Production Functional Support.


After implementing Oracle Applications with the Oracle Accelerators, the client needed to provide support to plants in multiple locations. Monument fulfilled this need by providing both functional help desk support. Also, to support on-going requirements, we implemented additional features and functions as well as creating custom reports to better manage their lean manufacturing environment.

Setup Multi-Country, Multi-Currency and Multi-Language support for Composite Products Manufacturer

Monument worked with client to design a structure for proper reporting in multiple currencies. This required multiple sets of books with different functional and reporting currencies. Other important tasks were to create FSGs, Consolidations, Currency Conversions and Translations. Monument provided support for multiple languages including Spanish and Simplified Chinese. This included patching all 3 language sets for any ongoing patch requirements.

Provided Outsourced Oracle Applications DBA Support for Clean Energy client

Monument worked with the client’s IT group to manage their Oracle Applications servers on a Remote Management contract. This off-site solution watches over their system 24 X 7 to ensure as much uptime as possible. Our software is configured to identify bottlenecks before they occur, minimizing downtime or issues. They operate in multiple countries 6 days a week, 22 hours a day.

Provided multi-tier training on BI Publisher for High Tech Manufacturer

Monument created a custom class on BI Publisher with both classroom and workshop exercises.  This fast paced class helped students learn the basics of BI Publisher and creating Templates.  For advanced students, we created a second class covering some of the more difficult features to help the client retire third party software.

Implemented iExpense for R 12 for BioTech client

Client requested that Monument implement Oracle Internet Expenses with a hierarchical approval methodology. Monument built the prototype and documented the process. Jointly worked with the client during CRP to ensure all expectations were met for this module. This implementation uses scanned receipts to allow approval personnel to review original receipts.

Implemented Purchasing & iProcurement for Services client

This client had implemented Ghost P-Cards, but not all of their 2,000 buyers were all using the preferred suppliers.  Monument worked with the client to implement Purchasing and iProcurement (iProc) and force all purchases for specific goods (consumables) were to preferred suppliers. By implementing iProc, each purchaser can identify as received online their goods. Monument build the initial interfaces between the banks, suppliers, and EBS. The bank and suppliers discounted the purchases by 1.2 to 1.8 percent for over $100 million of annual purchases. This is saving the company millions each year.

Helped Software client change from Calendar year End to Fiscal Year end

To meet the new requirements, our client decided to change their Year End near the end of the calendar year. This required the current calendar year to be a short year and then start on a new fiscal year basis end September 30. This decision was not made until November and this forced a back-end change to be accomplished. The major steps included unposting and posting all October and November journal entries, reconverting all 12 currencies, and re-consolidating all 45 Sets of Books. This process was done twice in Test prior to production. There were zero defects because of the extensive testing. The production conversion took less than a day.

Reviewed Oracle Licensing for Medical Device client

Monument has a standard software review product and ran it against this client’s system to identify the use of the system. This is needed for the database, application server, number of users, and number of applications. It also pertains to the licensing of technology for the test servers which do not have to be licensed for the applications.


We provided to the client a complete list of all active users, the applications they have been using (not only assigned) and technology users. This helped this client when working with Oracle to purchase the correct number of licenses. It also helped them to reduce their footprint by removing users who should not have had access to specific responsibilities.

Helped Consumer Health & Wellness client change from Calendar Year End to Fiscal Year End

This client was purchased by a public company and needed to change their Year End from a Calendar Year End to a Fiscal Year End. It included splitting the month of purchase into 2 periods, one for the original company and the second half of the month starting the new company. This allowed for Financial Statements to be run for both organizations easily. This required the Monument Calendar Change Product to by used for 2 tests and then production.

Reviewed Oracle Licensing for High Tech Manufacturer

Monument ran our standard software review product against this client’s Oracle EBS System to identify the use of the system. This is needed for the database, application server, and number of users since they have an Enterprise License. It also pertains to the licensing of technology by having the same number of database users as application server users (they did not). We provided the client with the information to make an informed purchase from Oracle to bring them into compliance. We also helped them bring into their Oracle footprint several new modules to increase end-user productivity.