Oracle Financial Modules

Oracle EBS Financial Modules Consulting:

Oracle’s EBS Financials Modules include General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Cash Management (CM), and Fixed Assets (FA). There are several sub-modules that are also included like iExpense, FSG (Financial Statement Generator), ADI (Desktop Integrator), Workflow, and Oracle Payments. Our work can range from adding new features and functions to making any Standard Oracle Report open in Excel versus as a Text File.


General Ledger

Monument performs both implementation and upgrade services related to these modules. For GL, we have expertise in designing complex international financial footprints of Ledgers, Legal Entities, Multiple Currencies, Multiple Organizations, along with Intercompany and Intracompany transactions. With the new features of R12, complexity can be simplified by using Secondary Ledgers to minimize the number of transactions that are necessary to be entered as reporting can be simplified.


Accounts Payable

With AP, the ability to integrate Invoice Entry and Payments is easier today. Invoices can be entered through ADI uploads, through the standard API with programming, or interfaced with Purchasing by being Matched to a Purchasing Line Item. By performing this streamlining, it reduces manual keying while eliminating the errors that occur from entering data. We also install and integrate iExpense to minimize rekeying of Expense Reports. With Oracle’s Workflow, a completely online approval matrix with the ability to see both the data entered and the receipts are available.


Accounts Receivable

With AR, we integrate Lockbox transactions as well as third party logistic companies transactions.


Cash Management

With Cash Management, we typically integrate it to all your Banks, so that all transactions from your bank are interfaced to Oracle. This can include Lockbox entries, Wires, ACH’s, Swift, cleared checks, and bank fees. By integrating this information from multiple bank accounts with multiple currencies, it is possible to have a daily cash balance available if needed.


Fixed Assets

With Fixed Assets, we help with ADI uploads as well as integrate it to AP for newly invoiced assets that need to be moved to FA. By installing the Federal and State Tax Books, an organization can save thousands of dollars annually by producing all the data needed for their Tax Returns with very little setup and maintenance.